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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Date:  May 31, 1999
Written by:

SOMETHIN' 'BOUT A SUNDAY     Michael Peterson

F                                  Am
Well, a whole lot of people like Saturday night
Bb                                          F
Getting loud and crazy well it just feels right
F                          Am          
I guess everybody likes to see it coming mmmmm
Bb                                             Gm
   Just forget everything and go and have some fun
         F             G
And the same goes for me
      Bb                         C
But lately don't you know that lately

F                          Am
Somethin' 'bout a Sunday Morning breeze
Dm                     F
Church bells ringing bringing in the sheeves
         Gm                Bb
And the smell of supper simmering on the stove
A little bit of both sure's good for the soul
  F                           Am
Sitting on a swing with your head on the chess
Dm                  F 
Giving any worries one day's rest
Bb                                  Gm
Suddenly every thing's gonna be O.  K.
Somethin' 'bout a Sun-day

F                           Am
Now that big bad Monday's bound to come
Bb                                          F
That old alarm clock ringing and we up and run
F                                     Am
There's a whole lot of headaches that we get into
Bb                                     Gm
Everybody's wondering how to make it through
           F            G 
Well, the same goes for me
         Bb                        C
Oh but lately don't you know that lately

Go to chorus

Oh OH OH OH repeat chorus
       Bb                   F
Yeah somethin' 'bout a Sun-day