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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Date: August 26, 1999
Album:  Being Human
Written by:
Note: Listen to recording for timing.  n.c. means no chord

    SURE FEELS REAL GOOD       Michael Peterson

Intro chords  D G D A D

Intro Riff
-7-7-7-7 5---5-7-------7-7-7-7-5----5-7-5-----
(1) lick
(2) lick

Key change run up.


D                                                A
Sure feels real good    Sittin with you way up here
A                                              D     (1) lick  
When you whisper in my ear    Sure feels real good
D                                                  A
Sure feels so right   Staying with you all night long
A                                               D    (2) lick
Ain't no way to get it wrong It sure feels so right

It happened for a reason  It happened by design
It happens everytime you put your tender lips to mine
Saying that you shouldn't Saying that you should
n.c.                         A A                D G D A D 
But It's sure feel real good     if you would

1.)"wo" go to 2nd verse   2.) Key change run up go to CHORUS 2.

D                                        A
Sure is easy  When your head is on my chest
A                                       D   (2) lick 
I can figure out the rest  It sure is easy

Go to chorus 1, key change, lead,  chorus 2.

Oh don't need to buy me presents Don't need to spend a dime
The sweetest thing that you could ever give me is your time
Saying that you shouldn't saying that you  should
n.c.                             B B               E A E B E  
But it sure would feel real good     if you would

Vamp on  E A E B E to the end of the song.

If you would  It's sure feel real good  If you would
Sure feel real good If you would