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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Date:  April 13, 2000
Written by:
Note: If you know the lyrics between ?? and ?? email me 

         SURPRISE    Doug Stone

     E                       B               E
1.) You organize your       life so  perfect-ly
2.) The shock wears off and you settle       in 
3.) One day you come        home without a cause
          A                   E                B
1.) You  even take the      time to plan your spontaneity   
2.) When you realize you're happier then      you've ever been
3.) You  see a suitcase     packed and        waiting in the hall
            E                 B                      E
1.) You've got a place for  everything except your heart
2.) So you think we'll just leave well enough   a- lone
3.) She    comes in and     looks at you through   tears
          A                 E                F#                  B
1.) That world as you      know is          about to fall    a-part 
2.) But  she's well        ahead of you and she has been all a-long 
3.) And  says I think it's time I go The     baby's almost     here

1.) Go to chorus using 1.)      2.) Go to chorus using 2.) 
3.) Go to chorus using 3.) then go to ending

     F#                     B
1.) Here comes love to    shake you up
2.) There comes love in a wedding dress
3.) Here comes love one   minute old
     C#                         F# 
1.) Yank your chain and        kick your butt
2.) A ring a promise you're    scared to death
3.) Six precious pounds you're scared to hold
         F#                      B
1.) ??  Right on out that      drug  ??
2.) But you don't second       guess
3.) And she owns your heart and soul 
                 F#                        B 
1.) There's no rhyme or reason It's     powerful strong
2.) Cause you  trust your heart and you trust her's more
3.) There's    cars and clothes and     college some day
          C#                        F#            B                       F#  
1.) It  rocks you out of your      comfort zone  Into the great         unknown
2.) You never throught you'd could be so sure    Of what forever's      for
3.)      How will you keep those   boys away She smiles at you as if to say 


    E      B C# E
       A              E              B              F#      C#
This story just goes on and on but I've run out of time  Surprise