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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Date:  February 25, 2000
Written by: Jennifer Day

     THE FUN OF YOUR LOVE    Jennifer Day

  G     Am       G 
Boy you blow my mind  
G                                   Em             D
You can make me crazy (you make me laugh, make me cry.)
                      (Give you my heart sugar pie)
G        Am    G    
I'm so mesme-rized
G                                             Em                D
You're the one who can save me (So sweet and fine Throw me the line)    
                               (I think it's time for the hookup)
Em              C       Am        Em               C        D
Baby you're my main attraction  Setting off this chain re-action
G                                      Em      Em                              
Just a little's enough  Just the 1.2.)fun 3.)thought of your touch
            G                       D     C                D   
That's the fun of your love la-la-love   Baby Oh Oh Oh Oh oh oh oh yeah
G                               Em        
The feelings inside that's the thrill of the ride
            G                       D   C                 D  
That's the fun of your love la-la-love Baby oh  oh oh oh oh oh oh

G         Am        G
Now I've shown you how
G                                Em              D
I can push the limits (make you laugh, make you cry)
                             (I'm giving your heart sugar crust)
G              Am           G
Still you're turning me a-round
G                                      Em                D
With sweet forgiveness  (you draw the line I'll pay the fine)
                        (That's the sign of a good love)
Em                C                Em                    C           D
In this twisted world we live in Please don't stop this love you're giving
Go to chorus
Cm                                            G
Let the days unwind     Let the dreams come true-oo
G                     Cm                                             D
Happy ever after baby In your heart you'll find   I'll be there for you-ou-ou-ou
Lead, go to chorus, to ending
Am                                     G   vamp on  G Em C D to end
Oh oh oh oh oh That's the fun of it  baby

That's the fun of it  baby baby baby baby that's it oooo baby