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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Date:  July 21, 1999
Written by:

    THAT'S THE TRUTH    Paul Brandt

E            A                       E
So tire of listening to the politi-cians
A                                      E
You can't believe what you see in the news
A                                    E
Lawyers try with motions and with evisions
A                                            E
Just spin a tale and tip the scales of the truth
A                                E
I work hard to make an honest living
A                           E
Do my best in everything I do
               A                                E
Whether it's nine to five, football, cars or fishing
A                               E
Coming home to hug and kiss on you
C#m               B
No lies, alibies It's all so clear When I look in your eyes
Like an arrow shot, bull's eye, straight and true
            E                               B
Like the Mississippi frozen to the the bay-ou (That's the truth)

      E             A       B7  
I'm coming home to see you baby
            E                 A       B7
You're the one thing that I know for sure 
        E           A                 B7
(In a world) In a world that's going crazy
You're a matter or survival, my heart and soul's revival
A                                                           B   A
Swear on a stack of bibles Cross my heart and I'll be here for you
And that's the truth

E                      A              E 
When I'm lost in the chaos and con-fusion
A                                      E
You're the light that leads me to the shore
A                                          E
I'll tell you girl, in a world full of illusions
            A                                   E
You're the ray of truth that I've been looking for
C#m                              B
Now I'm late on the interstate Radio on at the end of the day
Got the pedal to the metal Got the top rolled down
            E                                     B
I want to scream andhsout about the love we've found

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Like an arrow shot, bull's eye, straight and true
Like the Mississippi frozen to the bayou (That's the truth)

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           A          E
ENDING: (That's the truth)