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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Date:  March 31, 2000  Revised April 6, 2000
Album: Unconditional
Written by:
Note: N.c. means no chord

        UNCONDITIONAL    Clay Davidson

C            Em          D             G
Daddy waited up in the kitchen by him-self
C                G                   Em 
I came stumbling in that night with liquor on my breathe
           C              Em         D                    G  
He said, "Son, I know you live here but this is still my home."
          C            G             Em                  
"It's my way or the highway."  So I said, "Alright, I'm gone."
F                      C               G
Before I slammed that door I said, "I hate you!"
F                   C                D
He just shook his head and said, "O.-K." but

            G       D       C   G
You can't stop me love for you
          C             G
It'll be here that's a given
     F            G              D        Bm       C    G
As long as I am livin' on this earth One thing is true
      C                G
You could turn away, forget me
F                  G                Em 
Curse my name but love won't let me let you go
                      C        Em      D       n.c.        G           
1.)Son  2.)Girl    always know     my love is uncondition-al

C                Em             D           G
Life is like a circle slowly turning on it-self
          C              G              Em             
And Girl it took losing you to finally know how daddy felt
C                  Em       D           G
We stood in this bedroom a year ago to day
        C            G                Em       
Hanging on to pride and anger as we threw out love a-way
       F                     C                 G
And before you slammed that door you said, "I hate you!"
       F             C                      D  
But tonight if only you could only hear me say

Go to chorus
      C                 G
You could turn away, forget me
F                  G              Em              
Curse my name but you can't ever let me go
          C           Em      D      n.c             C   G
But you need to know     my love is unconditional