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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Date:  October 28, 1999
Written by:

       WHEN LOVE FADES    Toby Keith

E                               B
Going through the motions Pre-tending to be
     A              D 
The man you use to see in me baby
E                          B
You don't want to hurt me so you play along
        A                       D
And it don't feel right but it don't feel wrong
        F#m                   B
It just feels like a memory barely alive
C#m                 B
When did we let it die

B             E    B            E
Where do you run where do you hide
B            E      A
After the promise breaks
B              E   B           E             
Who'll be the one to say good-bye
B                  E       A         E
And who'll be the one to stay when love fades

E                              B
How are we gonna let go from something that's gone
A                                   D
Ain't it's funny how broken hearts keep hanging on baby
E                             B
You watch me walk away and I set you free
       A                         D
But I come back to you and you come back to me
            F#m           B  
I guess it beats lonely that's the reason why
C#m             B
We it one more try   

Go to chorus, "When love fades", chorus, 
  B           E
Where do you run (where do you run) 
  B           E                         B          E       A
where do you hide(where do you hide)  After the promise breaks
B              E
Who'll be the one (who'll be the one)
B            E                     B                 E       A    
to say good-bye (to say goodbye)  And who'll be the one to stay 
when love fades (who'll be the one) When love fades (when love fades)
                                                     In spades, babe