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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Date:  July 16, 1999
Album: No Fences
Written by:  Stephanie Davis

           WOLVES   Garth Brooks

Intro chords  D G A D G

      D                  G               A             D   D G A
Janu-ary's always bitter     But lord, this one beats all
      D                           G                              A     A7 
The wind ain't quit for weeks now   and the drifts are ten feet tall
           G                           A                   D    Cm  
I"ve been all night drivin' heifers  Closer in to lower ground
        D                           A                                D  G A 
Then I spent the mornin' thinkin' 'Bout the ones the wolves pulled down
   D                          G              A               D   D G A
Charlie Barton and his family    Stopped to-day to say good-bye
             D                   G                                    A   A7
He said the bank was takin' over    The last few years were just too dry
         G                     A                           D   Cm
And I promised that I'd visit When they found a place in town
          D                         A                              D
Then I spent a long time thinkin' 'Bout the ones the wolves pull down
G               A      D       G   Em           A            D   
Lord, please shine a light of hope On those of us who fall behind
      G         A    D       G  
And when we stumble in the snow 
Em                Em+E        Em           A
Could you help us up while there's still time
                D                         G          A             D      D G A 
Well, I don't mean to be complainin' Lord   You've always seen me through
       D                       G                               A   A7
And I know you got you reasons    For each and everything you do
         G                       A                          Bm     Cm 
But to-night outside my window That's a lonesome, mournful sound
             D                        A                             D    G A
And I just can't keep from thinkin' 'Bout the ones the wolves pull down
          D                      A                    D   D G A D 
Oh Lord, keep me from bein' The one the wolves pull down