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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Date:  October 26, 1999
Album:  The Whole She-Bang
Written by:  Kristyn Osborn\Bonnie Baker\Connie Harrington
Note: Words in ( ) are the background singers.


Intro chords  G D Em C  "Uh aaaa  aaaa yeeeaaaahhh"

      G                        D
This woman that takes on the world
 D                 Em                   C          G
And picks up your shirts, keeps it to-gether some-how
 G                                      D
(This same woman) that melts with your touch
 D            Em                            C 
Wants you to feel what I'm feeling   right now
             (to feel it, to feel it right now)
C                   G                      D  
'Cause this woman needs  a safe place to land
D                      C       Cm                 
The strength in your hands to know you know
Cm                G                    D
What this woman needs is somewhere to cry (somewhere to cry)
D             C                   Em             Cm 
So lay by my side            and I'll tell you, I'll tell you
             (lay by my side and I'll)

  Cm          G               D
(This woman needs) to be re-assured
D                     Em                     C           G
That my heart's your home and love is what wills you to stay
G                                 D
(I need you to see me) in every light
D                  Em                        C 
And hear that you still think I'm beautiful anyway

Go to chorus,

Cm                G     Cm    
What this woman needs  yeah yeah yeah
Cm                                    G
Oh oh oh oh oh oh Oh what this woman needs
G                D                 C
Is somewhere to cry so lay by my side 
          Em            Cm
And I'll tell you I'll tell you
Cm               G     Cm                     G 
What this woman needs Yeah, what this woman needs
Cm                                     G
Yeah yeah yeah What this woman needs