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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Date:  April 11, 2000
Album: Tightrope
Written by:

         YOU'LL ALWAYS BE LOVED BY ME    Brooks & Dunn
D                     A
I know forever is a long long time
       G                A               A7
For a girl to put her heart on the line
D                         A
Trust is a tight rope we all have to walk
      G                       A
Baby don't be afraid I won't let you fall
G                     D
With a little faith mountains move
G           A
You and me we can't lose

         D            A
You can count on the sun to rise
      G           F#m     Bm 
And stars to come out at night
    G                       A       A7
As long as there's air to breathe
         G         A   A7 D   F#m G A
You'll always be loved by me

D               A
Love comes so many times goes
G                  A
So much out there we'll never know
D                 A
Call it fate call it destiny
G            A
But I think we were meant to be
 G                  D
This old world it spins so fast
     G         A
So many times they just don't last

Chorus, chorus.

G                   A  A7  D  F#m G A D
You'll always be loved by me