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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Date:  August 3, 1999
Written by:
Note:  N.C. means no chord played.
This song has a lot of music theory in it which doesn't allow
for an easy explanation for using a capo but here goes.
Hate the key but still want to play along with the recording?
Capo the first fret and play these chords ignoring the sharp
symbol. The following is the new form that has to happen when
using the capo. These are chord forms not the chord. F beomes E,
Fm becomes Em, C becomes B, Gm becomes F#m.  I think I got them all.
Here's some basic music theory. All the sharps are at the same time 
also flats.  A#\Bb     D#\Eb ect.

      YOU'RE LUCKY I LOVE YOU   Susan Ashton

Hey baby stop clicking that pen
         C#                            D#
Want to tell you you'll wear it if you do it again
G#                     C#                 Fm 
Sometimes I think you love getting on my nerves
And I believe that opposites attract
          C#                      D#
Cause I wouldn't have you if it wasn't for that
G#             C#              Fm 
You like the music I like the words
A#                              F
Don't you know how good you've got it
A#                                         F
Listen up and I'll tell you all about it  Hey Oh

                A#             D#  
You're lucky I love you Like I do
               F   D# 
Everything we do I do cause I want to
     A#               D#                     F
I wouldn't feel this way if you were anyone else
                     A#                 D#    F                     D# 
And you know it's a good thing that I think you're the only one for me
                       Gm   F
And that you hung the moon-oon
                A#         F            A#             F  D#  
You're lucky I love you You're lucky I love you (yeah)

You've got your ways got your quirks
      C#                            D#
But you've got my heart and that's why it works
        G#       C#               Fm
And I wouldn't change the way you are
G#                                    C#                   D# 
Whenever we fuss and fight 'fore the end of day we always make it right
G#              C#      Fm 
We never let it go that far
   A#                           F
Anything you want you know you got it
A#                                         F        F  D#
But every now and then you need reminding Hey-yeah

Go to chorus
   C                          F
Darling you know that I need you (Darling you know that I need you)
F                       N.C.
It's a safe bet to say that you need me too.

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