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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Date: September 1, 1999
Written by:

      YODELIN' BLUES   The Wilkinsons
  A                          D 
Billy was a rocker down in Baton Rouge 
A                        E
He liked to sing country in his tennis shoes
     A                         D
He grew up in the sixties on rock and roll
B                           E
But he got him a gig in a country show 
A                            D
Traveled with mama cross the U. S. A.
      A                            E
Well one night in the middle of second phase they sang
A                           D
Got his rock and rhymn and some country confused
B             E        A
He sang the Yodelin' blues

CHORUS: (This is my best guess on what she is singing)
        A                             D
Oh day lady oh de la dow dog  A lady de all you do the door
        E                            A  E
Oh day lady od da low oh lady od de do     2.) do do do doh

A                                   D 
Well the band thought Billy was a crazy fool
            A                              E
But that yodelin' thing that he did was powerful cool
           A                 D
So they worked all week and got it just right
     B                             E
To play it at the club again on Saturday night
          A                          D
And the crowd went screaming crazy comes unglued
          A                              E
All the girls thought that Billy was a happening dude
           A                 D
They said hey hey Billy do whatever you choose
B                 E       A
Just sing that yodelin' blues
         A                    D        A                     E  
So they got a big bus and a semi too  Hit song record deal dream come true
A                                        D
Now you see him on the T.V. and in the front page news
  B                        E
They're done paying their dues
E                                      A 
Long as Billy's singing the yodelin' blues

Repeat chorus adding 2.)