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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Date: April 4, 2002   
Written by:  Pat Green - Radney Foster
      THREE DAYS   Pat Green

Wake up what's cha been dreamin' about
I ain't got a lot to say but I can talk to you for hours
The way you talk That way you breathe
The way your spirit moves into me
Wake up wake up wake up wake up wak-ake-ake


I've got three days to wash the road dirt from my soul
I've got three days to lov eyou out of control
Well I wish I had a lifetime It's all be this way
Loving you for feeling Just three days
Yeah hold me and help me understand

Why on earth I have to be such a stupid man
Live the way I do dream the dreams I dream
So far way from you yeah
Hold me Hold me hold me hold me hold me holdme

To chorus, to lead

Three days and nights Lie back in this van
I ain't holding nothing back You know who I am
Hearts and souls and dreams in the palm of your hand

To chorus, to chorus