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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Date: June 29, 2002
Written by:
D(-f#)= 000230   


Intro chords   A  G  D   A  G  D
Play Intro chords like this:
A = pick open 5th string (bass string) then strum up once
G = up-down-up strum one each  no bass string
D = up-down-up strum one each   no bass string
   Some think this is 8 strums of just one chord but it's three chords.

A              G               A            G D A (play like intro)  
I can see why you think you belong to me. 
A                 G                  A                              D
I never tried to make you think, or let you see one thing for your-self. 
                C                                D(-f#)see above
But now you're off with someone else and I'm a-lone. 
        C                                  E     A   
See I thought that I might keep ya for my own



A    G              D

Amy What cha wanna do? 
A        G                            Bm

I think  I could stay with you for a-while 

        F#m        E     A G D play like intro 

Maybe longer if I  do. 

A                    G                A           G D A        
Don't cha think the time is right for us to find
A                   G                      A    
All the things we thought weren't proper could be right in time
            D            C                            D(-f#)
And can ya see which way we should turn together or alone
             C                            E
I can never see what's right or what is wrong

"Cause it would take to long to do"

to chorus
A                 G                   A             G D A
Now it's come to what you want to to have your way
A                        G                   A  
And all the things you thought before just faded in the grave
         D           C                               D(-f#) 
Can you see that I don't know if it's you or if it's me
         C                                   E
If it's one of us I'm sure we'll both will see

"Won't cha look at me and tell me"

To ending chorus
Chorus fading towards the end:

A    G              D

Amy What cha wanna do? 

A       G                            Bm

I think I could stay with you for a-while 

       F#m                           E 
maybe longer (if I do) longer if I  do.  Yeah Now

A   G              D

Amy What cha wanna do? 

A       G                            Bm

I think I could stay with you for a-while 

       F#m                E 
Maybe longer longer if I do.  

The lead is improvised in this song.  This is what you should do as well, make the song your own. The following should help you out somewhat.  If you need more riffs, check out the other renditions at Countrytabs.com
Or download How To Play Lead Guitar from my web site, Tabby Cat Music Archives 
Click on the How To Do Stuff button. Learn the 5 patterns, and
figure out more riffs in this song yourself.  
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