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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Date: September 27, 2001
Written by:

    CHASING AMY    Brett James

B F# E F#

B              F#                  E                   F#
I graduated on May 13, through my cap in the air, had too much to drink
  B                                            LICK
Told everybody that we'd stay friends forever
            B               F#
Well It was 3 am when she drove me home
E                      F#
We were a couple from that night on
B                                               F#         LICK
Steaming up windows and spending every minute together Oh  

B         C#    E 
Me and Am-y  Making out down by the water
C#                                  E                F#
Radio blaring both of us swearing Nothing was gonna change
           B          C#          E                    B
We were young and laz-y  I was soaking up that sweet summer
C#                                        B               Eb             G#
Spending my days in a beautiful haze And all of my nights    chasing Amy

B                                   F#
Well it was late night pizzas and baseball games
E                   F#
Hanging out at the bowling lanes
 B                                   F#    LICK
Sneaking into the movies on Friday nights
            B                   F#
Oh I was always tryin to steal one more kiss
E                           F#
She had something that I couldn't resist
B                                                     F#
Fireworks shooting off between us like the fourth of July, Oh
To chorus
G#                         B F# E F#
Oh my love was chasing Amy  
G                                     A
Well I guess there ain't no will as summer Life's all about change
G                                 A           
I haven't seen her since that September But sometimes I still think about
To chorus
G#                          B F# E F# vamp to end
Oh my love was chasing Amy               I still remember chasing Amy