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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Date: May 8, 2002   
Written by:

            HELP ME UNDERSTAND   Trace Adkins
G Am C D  G Am C D

G    C                D   G      C                 D 
Once   in a lifetime-ime    you open up your heart
      G   C                   D  G   G               C              D
Baby Once    in your liftime-ime    you'll swear to never be apart
      C                     D
You think your love's on solid ground
C                   D                   G
Out of the blue it all comes tumbling down

G                        C      D                   G
Who's gonnna hold me to-night When I'm feeling lone-ly
              C                         D
Who's gonna show me the light  cause I need to know
Bm                             C 
With all the things we've got How can love just stop
Am    D            Am  D             n.c.  G Am C D              
Tell me somebody help me 1.3.)under-stand           to 2nd verse
                           2.)under-stand  go to ***
         G     C                 D G            C                   D
And my picture    in your locket     What will you do with it now
             G      C                       D  G           C                D
All of our friends    and all our memories-ies    Tell me how we sort them out
         C                    D
What's yours is yours what's mine is mine
C                             D             G
Is that all that's left after all this time   to chorus using 2.)
      F                                                         G
***  why I'm not a part of your plan And you don't need me any-more
Help me under-stand Why I still want to be where you are
                   Am                    D           G  
When I know in my heart That you don't love me any-more

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