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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Date: April 11,2001
Album: It Would Be You
Written by:  Jamie O'Hara - Gary Nicholson

     I AIN'T RUNNIN' YET   Gary Allan

Intro chords  E A E A E A E A

       E                   A                E                A
I've come to see it's a pattern with me To make a fast geta-way
        A            B7                E                  
Every-time I get a little too near to love 
E                            A                    E              A
Somebody gets too close The next thing I know I'm up and gone a-gain
E                          B7           E  
Chasin' the wind and the distant stars above

(E)         A                         B7    
Ah girl But I don't know what's been goin' on
            E          A        E      B7           A      E   
Since the night we met   All I know is    I ain't runnin' yet
1.)A E A to 2nd cerse  2.) to bridge

     E                    A                  E           A
Girl I can see when you look at me You're looking for a sign
            E                     B7             E
That some-where in this heart of mine there's a place for you
        E                           A    
But I want you to know When those feelings show
  E                      A
That's what chases me a-way
         E                 B7                 E 
But to-night I just gotta stay and see this through

          A                    B7            E  
I ain't runnin' away from the love I see so deep n your eyes
          A                 B7         E 
I ain't runnin' away and I can't even say just why
       A                      B7                  E          A
Oh, I don't know what's been going on since the night we met
        E     B7           A      E
All I know is    I ain't runnin' yet
Lead, bridge again, ending

ENDING:  vamp on chords  E A E A E B7 E