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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Date:  May 8, 2000
Written by:
Note: n.c. means no chord.  To change the key(chords) download the
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        IT ONLY HURTS ME WHEN I CRY    Dwight Yoakum

     A                     D
The only time I feel the pain
E                          A             
Is in the sunshine or the rain
A                        D
I don't feel no hurt at all
E                                A
Unless you count when teardrops fall
A                                 D
I'll tell the truth 'cept when I lie
E                        A
It only hurts me when I cry

 n.c.                        E
You couldn't tell it by the smile
E                    A
My recovery took a while
A                          E
I worked days and night on end
E                        A
Just to walk and talk a-gain
A                              D
You can't believe the time it takes
D                         E    E7  
To heal a heart once it breaks-eaks

Go to chorus, lead D E A D E A

A                 E
Oh every now and then
E                         A
I call this heartache a-gain
A                            E
You wouldn't know to look at me
E                              A
I've got scars that you can't see
A                       D 
What a struggle to sur-vive
D                          E   E7
I'm probably looking at a lie
Go to chorus,
A                                  D
I'll tell the truth 'cept when I lie
E                        A
It only hurts me when I cry