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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Date: June 1 2002   
Written by:

       MINIVAN       Hometown News

Intro - Basic idea

G                         D
I can still remember like it was yesterday 
      C                              D                G
When daddy sold his corvair And we watched it drive away
G                                  D
Then we walked down to the corner with the money that he got
     C                                D             G  
"ha" He bought a Vista Cruiser off of Mr. Keller's lot
G                                 D
Well that station wagon was the ugliess thing around
         C                          D                      G
And I'd hide beneath the dashboard every time we drove to town
    G                               D        
Now 21 years later (21 years later) I got a wife and a kid
           C                                D             G
Now I'm standin' here on Keller's lot just like my daddy did

Now I'm singin'   


C          D       C         D
Goodbye twenties hello mini-van
C         D               Am    Bm      C  D D D 
Look out thirties I'm be-coming my old man

Bass run
     C                                            G
The keys are in my pocket (2.3.)yeah) I got the title in my hand-and
C          D       C        G 
Goodbye twenties Hello mini-van

G                            D
Selling that four by four really hurt my pride
          C                   D 
But the cold hard fact was a lack of room inside
G                                    D
So long to my younger days I don't cruise for chicks no more
Now it's luggage racks and fruit juice packs
        D             G
And an extra sliding door   And I'm singin'

Chorus using 3.)

    C                    Bm
I tense on the highway, Baby's fast asleep, 
Am                       G
Momma reads a book, and I'm in the driver's seat
C                      Bm
Heading off to places we've never been before
       Am                            D
With everything I need and room for more
Chorus using 3.)