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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Date: December 5, 2001
Written by:
Note: Dsus2 = 000202   to get that twang sound in the intro
Dsus? = 000203  bounce from the Dsus2 to this Dsus? using pinkie finger.

         RUN    George Strait

Em G Em Dsus2
              G          A           Bm    A/C#                G   A Bm A/C#          
If there's a plane or a bus leaving Dallas      I hope you're on it
               G           A             Bm   A/C#              G      A Bm A/C#
If there's a train moving fast down the tracks     I hope you caught it
            G          A           Bm  A               Dsus2  A Bm A/C#
Cause I'll swear out there ain't where    you ought to be
            G            A             Bm                 A/C#
So catch a ride catch a cab Don't you know I miss you bad
            G          A
Don't you walk to me

     Bm   G          A              D            
Baby run-un  Cut a path across the blue skies
  Bm            G
Straight in a straight line
      D                   A
You can't get here fast enough
         Bm              G
Find a truck and fire it up
             A                 D
Lean on the gas and off the clutch
                      G  Em             A         
Leave Dallas in the dust    I need you in a rush
        Dsus2 Em G Em Dsus2 
So baby run

         G           A                  Bm        A               G   A Bm A/C# 
If you ain't got a suit case, get a box    Or an old brown paper sack
          G               A            Bm            A 
Pack it light or pack it heavy Take a truck Take a chevy
       G        A    Bm A/C#
Baby just come back
             G               A            Bm
There's a shortcut to the highway out of town 
A              G       A Bm A/C#  
why don't you take it
                G           A        Bm  A           G      A Bm A/C#
Don't let that speed limit slow you down go on and break it

To chorus,
      Bm  G  A          Bm  G   A
Baby run-un    Oh baby run-un