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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Date: Feburary 4, 2002
Album: Mark McGuinn
Written by:

       SHE DOESNT DANCE    Mark McGuinn
She was in the middle of an empty dance floor
F                                     Bb
Wrapped up in a tall dark stranger's arms
They didn't see me slip in through the shadows
Sit down at the end of the bar
          Eb                      F                   Bb
She was kissing him all over The way she never kissed me
Eb                                        F
I knew it was her in a heart beat But I knew it couldn't be
               Bb Eb            Cm           F
She doesn't dance    She hates dark smokey places
             Bb            Eb              Cm           F    
She doesn't own any fancy high heel shoes Short sexy dresses  
                  Bb                 Eb
Her hair would be up the way that I love
    Bb                     Eb
1.)Now it's all down and crazy
2.)No never that down and crazy
3.)No never so down and crazy
  X=1x1111            F                    Bb
Believe me I know my baby and she doesn't dance

Bartender said,  Can you believe it?
F                             Bb
Then, some guys have all the luck
In a cold old world so full of pain and heart ache
It's good to see somebody so in love
Eb                                F             Bb
They walked out together  I just sat there all alone
           Eb                           F
I thought God, I hate that woman But I love the one at home.
F                              Gm 
Like a bad movie that's lasted too long
Gm                         F 
It's all about her but it has to be wrong cause

ENDING: Eb                        Bb    Eb  Bb
          Believe me she doesn't dance.