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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Date: January 16, 2002
Written by:

   THAT'S WHEN I LOVE YOU   Phil Vassar

Intro chords:  Bb Bb Eb Bb Bb Eb F 
G                                 C                          G
When you stop and laugh out loud When you're fallin' fast asleep
G                           C                              G
You're in the middle of a crowd When you're lying close to me
G                               C                                    G
When I hear you softly say my name When you're high and when you're low
G                         C
You don't need me to ex-plain cause you already know
           D                    D
When you smile that 'that' way' I know every night and day

Bb             Eb               F               Bb
That's when I love you  When I need you When I care about you
Bb             Eb              F                Bb  
That's when I know without a doubt That I can't live without you
Bb           Eb             F          Bb            Eb
Every day I find another reason Every season we go through
Eb                                Bb     Eb             F   Bb  intro chords 
Every little thing you do That's when I love-ove-ove---ove you 

1.) to 2nd verse 2.) to lead, to ending 3.)Wo oh oooh oh
D                               D
When you smile that 'that' way' I know every night and day

to chorus using 3.)

G                            C                                     G
When you're driving in your car When you dance and sing to the ra-dio
G                                    C                           G
When you're walking underneath the stars Anywhere everywhere you go
G                                    C
You're dressed up or you're dressed down 
C                            G
When you're talking on the phone
G                       C                     G
A million people all around When you're all alone
D                            D
You're near (you're near) or you're far (you're far)
You're in my heart no matter where you are
go to chorus using 2.)