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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Album: Fearless
Written by:

        A LITTLE GASOLINE   Terri Clark

Intro chords  D A G G  D
  A                                  G
Throwing pictures out the window  Scattered by the way the wind blows
A                                         G
Bye bye baby that's the last I'll see of you 
  A                               G
Shoebox full of old love letters I'll tear each one till I feel better 
G                                             A
And I won't look back cause I don't like the view
D                    A
What my heart needs now is rest
         G                  D
So I'll pack it up and I'm headed west
D                                      G   Bm  A
My mind's made up I'll put it to the test
D                    A
Pushing myself and this old machine
G                          D
Burning fumes and what's left of my dreams
Bm                                  G
Let 'em go cause I don't need no strings
G                           A     A7    D   A G D
Just give me a road and a little gaso-line

We talked in circles till the words ran out 
And it all came down to an angry shout
A                                         G
Before I knew it I was in third gear and gone
Well, this had been coming for a long long time
If I said "I'm sorry" well I'd be lying
G                                               A
If you think I'll never make it well you'd be wrong

Go to chorus, lead, chorus, ending
       G                     A    A7    D
Just give me a road and a little gaso-line