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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Date: December 5, 2001
Written by:
Note: OPEN means strum the strings with no chord held.

         ALL OVER ME   Blake Shelton

A                 F#m                                   D
There was a time      I really use to care about what others thought
And the way they talk 
A          OPEN            F#m
In a crowd I use to pull a-way 
                Bm                D  
when she would kiss my face and touch my hair 
A               OPEN E  
She didn't care who saw

         D   F#m Bm      E                    D   F#m Bm
She was all over me  And I use to let it get All over me
             E                         A          F#m 
And now to prove that I love her I'd crawl on my knees
         Bm              D  
For the whole world to see
               Cm       A  
Now that she's all over me

A                         F#m
The sky is blue But from where I stand
                         D                A
In the middle of this heartache It sure looks gray 
A                 OPEN
All alone What I wouldn't give
   F#m                Bm
If I could feel the familiar touch
D            OPEN         E 
Of her love holding me a-gain

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