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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Date: August 11, 2002
Written by:

                CADILLAC TEARS    Kevin Denney
A           D 
  Well he wanted someone firmer And he wanted someone younger
And he always had a thing for blondes
         Bm               A        Bm        A       Em               A    
As it happened his new secretary happened to be all that rolled into one
And the woman who had lived with him An angel who have given him
      A                            G             A      D         
The last twenty-two years Is now crying big Cadillac Tears

           A                  D
Cadillac Tears don't hurt so bad
           A                 Bm A 
Cadillac Tears she ain't so sad-ad
Well she might'av lost her wedding ring 
But she took him for everything
    A                        A Ab
No momma didn't do too bad
              G         A        D     lead = D D D D A A G A D A 
Awww she's crying big cadillac Tears  1.) to lead, to 2nd verse  
                                      2.) to ending

Well she's runnin' though his money so fast it isn't funny
Aw she's emptied every shop in town
         Bm                   A               Bm             A 
Aw she bought a mink and a diamond rings and lots of other shiny things
    Em                          A 
To wear when she goes stepping out
As she is headed to her lawyer's Cause this morning when he called her
           A                           A Ab            G            A       D    
He said checks are piling up down here      Aw she's crying big Cadillac Tears
To chorus using 2.)
Hey man she's cruising down the street  With custom wheels and leather seat
              A                        A Ab            G            A      D     
You know she gets a new one every year      Aw she's crying big Cadillac Tears
           G           A       G               A              D  
Momma is crying big Cadillac Tears Then goes home, Cadillac Tears