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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Written by:
Note:  Gm = 355333  Gm- = 354333  A#6 = 003333  A#6- = 002333

        EVERY MAN FOR HIMSELF   Neal McCoy

Bb                              Eb                F
Jerry he's a work-aholic never made time for the family
He's dedicated to his gin and tonics
Eb                        F
But they don't give him what he needs
     Bb            Eb                          F
And Joey he pays alimony to two ex-wives in different towns
Bb                                          Eb         F   
Tries to act like he ain't lonely But the single life wears you down
Gm     Gm-          A#6              A#6- 
As for me I'm no different from the rest
Eb                                  F
Yeah, I've been coming here every since that woman left, Now it's

Bb                         Eb                Eb
Every man for himself to-night Yeah, we're looking out for number one
Eb                    F
And trying to get on with our lives
       Bb              (Bb)                    Eb 
It's heartbreaking and soul aching when you've got nobody else
Bb                                F
So friend it's good to have you here to night
           Eb              Bb   
But it's everyman for him self.

Bb                               Eb                            F
In waltzed a long haired beauty We're all prayin' that she's unattached
Bb                                    Eb                 F
I felt a chill go straight through me I've never seen a smile like that
I ain't worried about Bill or Darryl 
Eb                           F
They're both wearing their wedding bands
The rest of us are fish in a barrel
           Eb                F
She could have her pick but understand
Gm        Gm-                    A#6             A#6
She can't save us all from the lonely lives we lead
Eb                                      F
So bartender will you send her a drink Tell her it's from me, cause it's

Go to chorus, lead, to interlude

Gm                                    Gm-
I'll be your shoulder friend when you feel like giving up
A#6                          A#6-
If it ever gets down to it finding love well it's then

Go to chorus