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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Date: April 4, 2002   
Written by:
Note:  Ab slide to A  Form a standard A chord on the first fret and slide
it to the second fret.

              GET OVER YOURSELF   SheDaisy

Uh huh Da da da da da
G                              D
You say you're gun shy-i-i-i-i I say you're spineless
Em                       D                G 
You think you're pensive I think you're mindless
G                                          D
You're such a busy little drone That your heart beats in monotone
     C                 Am        Am                 D 
So loud you can't hear me Repet-ition is what you need-ee-ee-eed

G              A                  B
Get out of my air Get off of my cloud
                C                  D
Get out of my hair Get off of my couch
               E                  F#
Get off of my lips Get out of my life
                   F                 G
Let me give you a tip Get out of my sight
                  A                   B
Get off of your knees Get out of my face
                C                   D
Get out of my sleep Get out of my space
                E                     F#
How long do I have to show and tell scream and yell
F                    G   G   G  G
Get over yourself       I da da da 	da da	
G                          D 
You say you're complicated I say too dramatic
Em                         D                  G
You think I under rate you I think I finally had it
With you never have the time
D                                         C            Am      
Cause half the time you spend designing William trage-dies
            Bm              D  
Yeah It's becoming your disease  Wo Oh oh
Go to chorus, slide = Ab slide A  see note at top
slide                           slide 
      Won't let you un-nerve me       or let you deserve me
Slide                                    slide
      And even if I kiss the dirt You're gonna speak 
Fiddle diddie
On how I don't hurt (wo oh) I don't hurt (wo oooh oooh)
Go to lead, chorus, chorus

La la la la    La la la la