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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Written by:

      I CAN'T LIE TO ME    Clay Davidson

  D          C              Bb             C          D

(D)         F                        D
They don't ask cause they know I'll say
            F                                      D
It ain't nothing just another woman done walked a-way
           F                  D  
Still on track  No I ain't phazed 
   C               Em        Bb                  A
I rock all night long Just playing this masque-rade

               D                    C
Well I got everybody thinking I'm super man strong
          Bb                             C                D 
But that big old S ain't on my chest at night when I get home


D                                C
One look at my reflection and lonely's all I see
I can tell them all I'm glad you're gone
          A                      D  C Bb C  D
But the truth is I can't lie to me

(D)      F                D              F
Call you up and get shot down Throw my pride aside
                     D             F                   D
And I just cry out loud Call my bluff now just look at me
C              Em            Bb              A 
Fooling love's not so rough down here on my knees

Go to chorus, lead "aaaaoh"  "yeah", chorus