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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Date: August 2, 2002   
Written by:  Anthony Smith - Jeffery Steele
Note: n.c. means play no chord.
Both verses have only a chord vamp.  Listen to the recording for the timing
And for when you add or don't add pinky.   (F#)is optional
G  = xx0033  hold the 33 with just your index finger all during this vamp
G+ = xx0035  Use pinky on and off of this 5

   IF THAT AIN'T COUNTRY   Anthony Smith
Verse 1.) Use the chord vamp to n.c.

    Where she grew up there ain't no roads
    Out in the sticks where the ginsing grows
    She floats down the river to get to school
    And her daddy came to get her on an old pack mule
    She run back and forth from the shed to shack
    Checking on the moonshine brewing out back

         G                        A  n.c.   
If you don't get the picture by now Then wait a minute
             A  D          D     A     
She's got a bi-ble, she's born again
              A   D                D       A   
She's got a shot gun, she ain't afraid of sin
             B7                                  G  A   D  A   
She's got a rebel, rousing, rowdy friends saying oh oh oh oh
               A  D             A     D  
She's got a Trans Am with a trailor hitch
           A   D              A       D
She's got hor-ses, cows and Dixie Chicks
Goes honky tonking just for kicks
     D    D     A   A      B       A      G     (F#)   E  
If that ain't coun-try   I - don't - know - what -  is

Verse 2.) use that chord vamp to n.c.
      She planted fifty acres with seed in the hole
      Come fall you get lost in the tall corn rows
      Don't need no phone where she comes from
      She just hollars down the mountain and the boys all run - fast
      You might see her truck rollin' out of the woods
      With a twelve point buck laid cross the hood
Chorus, lead, chorus
The chord vamp to fade
I don't know what is  I don't know what - I don't know what is