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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Date: May 8, 2002
Written by:
Note: This song is pretty simple guitar chords but to try and get
That great bass sound I added more chords.
Bb = 113331    Ab = XX111X    F = 133211
Ab slide to F xx111x slide to xx222x to F chord

      OL' RED   Blake Shelton

Bb Ab F

         F                                     Bb         Ab    F 
Well I caught my wife with another man And it cost me a ninety-nine
       F                                          C
On a prison farm in Georgia Close to the Florida Line
Well I've been here for two long years 
  Bb               Ab         F
Finally made the warden my friend
             F                            C7                 F
And so we sentenced me to a life of ease Takin' care of Ol' Red
     F                            Bb        Ab   F
Now Ol' Red he's the damnest dog That I've ever seen
Got a nose that can smell A two day trial
He's a four legged trackin' machine 
You can consider yourself might lucky
                   Bb            Ab        F           
To get pass the gators and the quick sand beds
     F                                         C              F
But all these years that I've been here Ain't nobody got pass Red

And the warden sang  Come on somebody why don't cha run
F                                      Ab
Ol' Red's itching to have a little fun Get my lantern get my gun
F                                 Ab     F
Red'll have you treed 'fore the morning come


Well I paid off the guard and I slipped out a letter
        Bb                F    Ab slide to F  
To my cousin up in Tenne-see
         F                                      C7
And he brought down a blue tick hound She was pretty as she could be
Well they penned her up in the swampland 
        Bb                          Ab  F
'But a mile just south of the gate
Now when I take Ol' Red for his evening run
C                           F
I just dropped him off and wait

To chorus
F                                       Bb    Ab    F             
Now Ol' Red got real use to seein' his lady every night
And so I kept him away for three or four days
     Bb                       C7
And waited till the time got right
Well I made my run with the evening sun
        Bb                                 Ab F
And I smiled when I heard 'em turn Red out
      F                                  C7                   F
Cause I was headed North to Tennesee and Ol' Red was headed south

To chorus
Now there's red haired, blue ticks all in the south
Bb                   C7          F
Love got me in here Love got me out