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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Date: July 16, 2003   
Album: Hone
Written by:


Intro (Basic idea, listen to recording for timing)    
For the A part           (this is all in chords)
open Ab        A open A A
For the D part
open  A   D  open  Db D  open D D 

  A                                                     D 
Dragon tales and the Water is White   Pirates sail and lost boys fly
 F#m                   E             D
Fish bite moon beams every night And I love you

  D                          A                 E
Godspeed little man  Sweet Dreams little man
       D                                 F#m E     D                 
Oh my love will fly to you each night on an-gel's wings
  D               A     play intro
Godspeed Sweet Dreams

 A                                                  D
The rocket racer's all tuckered out Superman's in pajamas on the couch
  F#m                  E                 D
Good night moon we'll find the mouse And I love you

to chorus, to lead

 A                                                    D
God bless Mommy and matchbox cars God bless Dad and thanks for the stars
 F#m              E                 D
God hears amen wherever we are  And I love you

to chorus, to ending
 D                                  A
Godspeed Godspeed Godspeed Sweet Dreams

Vamp on the intro "aaaa  aaaa"  "aaaaaaa" ect to fade.