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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Date: August 23, 2003   
Written by:
Note: sounds like four chords but only three chords are used on the recording.
n.c. means play no chord

   AND THE CROWD GOES WILD                Mark Wills


            E          D            A              n.c.
He was an under dog a no threat A Nascar junkie a rookie a wannabe
  E           D               A                    n.c.   
Still wet be-ind the ears  A red line rever just jammin' his gears
            E                  D                     A
There are those that are and those that ain't The quickest get stickers
        n.c.             E   D          A     A    
He was nothin' but paint   Chartruese paint
                       E          D                 A          n.c.        
We're at the race now cut to the last ten laps And here comes junior sneakin up 
           E                       D
From the back of the pack with a fire in his eyes  
 A                           n.c.
Waving out the window as he passes him by
       E                      D         A                     n.c.    
The tension mounts now he's number two All outta rubber and running on fumes
E                      D                   A stop n.c.
It's door to door and out of turn four He sees those checkers and he hears that roar

          E              D  A           E             D A
And the crowd goes wild       And the crowd goes wild
E        D               A                      E             D A
You're shining like a superstar baby  And the crowd goes wild
2.) add backup (You're shining like a super star baby)

          E                            D             A               n.c.             
Well he played the honky-tonks the roadside bars A real hum-dinger a blue eyed singer
        E             D              A                     n.c.     
With a red guitar a-round his neck Paying them dues bout starving to death
         E              D                      A                    n.c.
But he told his mamma every time he came back One of these days I'm gonna buy you 
           E D          A          
a big long     Cadillac   get cha outta this shack 
         E              D             A              n.c. 
Then he hit the road fronting a band Six long hairs bobbing up and down  
       E        D              A                         n.c.  
In a Chevy van all beat up He did a lot of giving but he never gave up 
      E         D               A                        n.c.          
Then one night he wrote a song Made a little record it started catching on 
            E           D  
Now at colliseums he's all the rage
        A   n.c.
The lights go down when he hits the stage
to chorus, to lead "Woooo" "Oh Boy"  "yeah"  E D A E D A
n.c.                         B B   n.c.                      B B
Here's the two two to Parker       Hit 5 mpv to right field
n.c.                                     B B
Joe hears the crack to the wall goodbye
n.c.                                     B B 
The kick is good The kick is in the air
n.c.                                     B B  
It's covered the distance (it's good)

It's the fill me in three wide receivers Two to the left
           B        B                      B   B
He's goes back and forth has time. In the end zone. Touch down.
to chours, to ending
               E             D A   
Yeah and the crowd goes wild