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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Date: July 16, 2003   
Written by:

     BREAK THE RECORD   Warren Brothers
INTRO C F Am G  C F Am G   listen to recording for timing
Intro  oh ooo ooooo      oooo ooo  2x
C                   F      Am            G 
He had his cleets laced up on the wrong feet
C                      F            Am       G
Had his glove on his head tryin to beat the heat
            F         C           G            C  
Well that coach said son are you here to play ball
          f          c             g            
With the sun in his eyes he looked up and said no

C    F    Am    G          C   F Am G C   F     Am     G        C   F Am G C   
I - I'm gonna break the record        I - I'm swingin for the fence
      C            Am             F        G          C 
My brother had a letter on his sweater but I can do better
       F       Am      G          C  F   Am     G          C  F  Am G 
I'm a real go getter watch me now I-I'm gonna break the record

C                F        Am        G  
That little boy made the all star team
C                         F          Am            G
Through High school and college he lived out his dream
           F        C          G                C
And his hometown friends said the big leagues called
             F         C                G                  
Said aren't you gonna try out he just smiled and said no
to chorus

C                   F          Am        G
And the widow of a man whose record he broke
C                F               Am          G  
Was there that night when the commissioner spoke
         F          C            G         C          
And he gave him a plaque and he said well done
          F              C            G 
Then he leaned in and whispered some-where someone saying
to chorus, repeat intro "Aw watch me now"