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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Date: March 12, 2003   
Written by:

    COUNTRY THANG   John Michael Montgomery

Intro chords Banjo section is just banjo but it's based on 
these chords if you want to play along with it. G F G F G F G 
When other instrumentals join it 
G F G F "Bring it on" G F G (F-G)<--quick       

G   F#        F
  We're  backwoods, dixie, flatwoods pickin' , shot gun waving, long 
Neck drinkin', huntin' and a-fishin' workin and a- wishing  for the 
We say yes no m'am yes m'am sir can I lend a hand take stand for some-
thing we believe in  love and pray and do anything for a good friend
We like campfires burning, buttermilk churnin' old  folks, dirt road
winding and a-turnin through a muddy creek jumping from a tall tree 
          Bb    G 
into the deep end       to chorus using 1.)

         F                    G
It's a coun-oun-oun-oun-try thang 
 C                              F                      G        
People who don't live it just might think we've gone insane
      C                            F                 C  
But those of us down home we can stand right up and say 
         Bb                  G   F G (F-G)      F   G 
It's a coun-oun-oun-try 1.)thang           
    F    G to lead, to chorus, to ending 
We like moonlight zippin' ,  late skinny dippin' , flat rock skippin',
cat fish hittin' sitting on the creek bank suns up  we aint' leavin'   
We like country twang and good southern rockin' Fun in the sun 
on a fast boat dockin'Home made wine and a mess of fish frying 
in a hot pan
Got grandmas and grandpas, new born youngens', double wide homes and  
double first cousins An old town square  and a county fair  it's 
    C    G  
a good thang
to chorus using 2.) then to lead, to chorus using 1.) to ending

ENDING: The G is just off thang for timing reasons
      Bb       F                G       
It's coun-oun-oun-oun-try thang
      Bb       F                G  
It's coun-oun-oun-oun-try thang
      Bb       F                     G  F   C Bb F F G
It's coun-oun-oun-oun-oun--try thang            "that's right"