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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Date: August 14, 2003   
Album: Honkytonkville
Written by: Anthony Smith - Bob DiPiero 

  COWBOYS LIKE US   George Strait

INTRO CHORDS  G F C Bb F Eb slide to D  G C

   C                                 G
I take off time to time with those crazy friends of mine
      F                         G
Head out on steel horses with wheels and we ride
    F             C      G       C 
We burn up that road to old Mexi-co
       F                      G         
Blend in with the desert just we amigos
         F  G  F   
And we roll

             C                G
Cowboys like us sure do have fun
            Bb               F
Racin’ the wind chasin’ the sun
                      C                   G  
Take the long way a-round back to square one
                   Bb                F
Today we’re just outlaws out on the run
There’ll be no re-grets no worries and such
n.c.              C
For cowboys like us

    C                  G   
We talk about livin’ babies and women
F                        G
All that we’ve lost and all we’ve been givin’
    F          C         G                         C   
We sing about true love lie about things we ain’t done
F                              G
Drink one more cold one come mornin’ get up
         F   G  F  
And we roll
to chorus lead to chorus

    Cowboys like us