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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Date: July 9, 2003   
Written by:

    DAYS LIKE THIS   Rachel Proctor

Intro F G Bb

F                             Bb
That sleepy old sun finally reared it's head
C                                 Bb          C 
Sneakin' though the window sayin' get out of bed
            F                     Bb  
Kids are laughing and playing outside in the streets
        C                           Bb   C        
I step out on my front porch in my bare feet
      F                                Bb    
Drink my coffee walk the dog and I'll stop by your house
Cause I was hoping maybe we could just hang out

      F                  Bb      
It's days like this are made for doing nothing
     Gm                   C 
But laying around soaking up your lovin'
F                                  G              Bb   Eb 
There ain't nothing better than a long lingering kiss
               F  G Bb F
On days like this

F                              Bb
Let the wind blow wild Let it mess up our hair
C                               Bb           C    
Watch the world go by like we don't have a care
Oh when those old crickets start singin'
And the moon shows it's face
We'll still be laying on this blanket Letting time slip away

to chorus
       Eb                              F
There ain't nothing wrong with being lazy
     Eb                           C  
So come on over here and love me baby
Love me baby

repeat intro "oohh yeah" (oh-oh)  repeat chorus, to ending
                            F G Bb F   
Oh days like days like this   (like days like this)
                         F G Bb F
Yeah yeah days like this (Like days like this)
                 F G Bb F  
Day like this (like days like this)