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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Date:  January 8, 2006
Album: Country Is My Rock
Written by :
Note: n.c. means play no chord

      DRUNKER THAN ME         Trent Tomlinson
Intro G
"Oh yeah"
Well lately I been noticing a gradual escalation
In your inability to handle your libation
    C             D                    G    
Go zero to sixty When you get on the whiskey
Well used to be a glass of wine and you'd be fine all evening
Now I'm the one who says We're done and tells us when we're leaving
     C                           D   
Well I miss the way that it was Can't even catch a good buzz

Cause I keep worrying about who's driving home
Who's got the keys who's got the phone
        C                          D
Who'll pay the bill call a cab I don't mean to make you mad
    C                              D    
But I don't want that responsibili-ty
    C                             D                    G
And I can't be with a woman baby who gets drunker than me

Well I never thought it'd come to this when I said "Have another"
Cause baby you turned into me and I became my mother
       C                       D                           G
Well here's what I'm thinking You're interfering with my drinking
I think I have an answer to our present situation
Cause you and me out on the town's got built in limitations
   C                                   D
So let me make this clear Hey I'm the one who's drinking here

 to chorus

F                  C              G  
I ain't trying to ruin your good time
       F                        C         D 
But I damn sure ain't letting yours ruin mine

(spoken) "You ain't gonna ruin my good time baby"

lead  C G C G D to chorus, to ending

      C                          D n.c.                      G        
No I can't be with a woman baby    who gets drunker than me yeah