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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Date: September 18, 2002   
Album: Steers and Stripes
Written by: Kim Richey - Angelo - Tom Littlefield
Note: This song is not in standard tuning on the recording.
It's almost in the key of F major but not quite. On an electronic
tuner I had to tune my open strings all sharp to the point of
making my E string almost an F but not quite.  The needle was
buried all the way to the right or sharp side.  It's probably 
easier to tune your bass E string this way, then tune the other
strings by the fret and ear method.  This same kind of tuning was
also on My Heart Is Lost To You on this same album.
               EVERY RIVER   Brooks & Dunn

Intro 1

Intro 2                

Intro 3
-2---3-2----2h3--  h means to hammer on 


Intro 1
 Dm          F     Dm               F
Once upon a time Somewhere in your past
Bb              F                C            F   Intro 2  
Someone said forever but that promise didn't last
Dm               F     Dm            F  
Now you don't believe Love is ever true
 Bb              F                 C              F  Intro 3  
Steel youself against the day when I stop loving you

Bb                                C           
When the day comes when I don't love you
Dm                               C  Lick   
Every star will fall out of the sky
Bb                        Dm    Bb  
And every mountain will tumble down
            C        F   Intro 2 
And every river run dry

Dm                  F    Dm                      F  
For every drop of rain That's ever touched the ground
Bb                   F              C             F  Intro 2 
For every tear that ever fell and never made a sound
Dm        F   Dm            F     
I'll be there to hear you call
Bb                     F              C               F  Intro 3  
And I'll be there to catch you baby should you ever fall

Chorus, lead, chorus
           C         F    
And every river run dry.