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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Date: February 24, 2003   
Album: AKA Lorenzo
Written by: Larry Hosford
Note: open means to strum the strings without holding a chord.
This song is the best use of this technique that I have ever seen.
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Intro (basic idea)             Intro chords: D open D open D open D open

Nice little run up in D used in various places.

D                                                open      
Look at my house what'd'ya see   It's a 20 by 30 foot mockery
G                        G#   A                   D   open D open D open D
Of what a home should be     Everything's Broken Down
D                                                         open  
Look at my heart what'd'ya see It a scene of crime in the first degree
             G     G#        A                  D  open D open D 
I've got a memory     But everything's broken down

D                           G                  D  
Everything's broken down Everything's broken down
      G                    D               E                   A 
If wishes and words could make a man rich I'd be painting the town
D                             G                   D 
But I get lost when I'm down When I drink I get found
     G                           D 
If you'll listen to a fool I'll buy this round 
        A                 D  open D open D  
But Everything's broken down

D                                                       open     
Look at my eyes what'd'ya see  It a pretty case of the lonely's
            G            G#    A                  D   open D open D
I've got a bad disease       Everything's broken down
D                                                           open  
Look at my world what'd'ya see If heart ache was money I'd lived for free
       G   G#     A                  D
Have worry     Everything's broken down        To chorus.