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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Date: Archived March 16, 2003  
Written by:

HE'S A HEARTACHE (Looking for a place to happen)   Janie Fricke

Well you can't deny how good he looks
Well I might as well tell someone else 
You couldn't find another on the cover of a book 
I know I'll never have to myself 
         D                                        A
       Believe me but I've almost loved once or twice.
Not likely but I wouldn't mind just one more  night
But don't be fooled by his innocent smile, 
If he tries to hold you let it be 
He's clever as a devil and just as wild
Don't pass up the opportunity 
     D                                        A
    He's crazy but a little crazy's kind of  nice.
to know him you won't forget him all your    life.  go to **

        E               E7          D
But whatever you do be wise enough not to fall in love.  go to chorus.

         D                                A
He's a heartache looking for a place to happen
Looking for a little action
                      A    D  Eb   E
Living for the moment not for lov-ing.
          D                               A
He's a heartache looking for a place to happen 
             E                                     A
Temporary satisfaction if you try to hold on he's gone.

chorus   lead
repeat ** 
repeat chorus to fade