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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Date: May 15, 2003   
Written by:
Note: n.c. means play no chord

    I CAN'T BE YOUR FRIEND      Rushlow

Intro chords D Bm A D  D Bm A D

D                            G              A                       D          
This might come as quite a shock But I've given it a lot of thought
       D                 G                   A
This thing that's come between us Can't be ignored
            D        G               A               Bm  
I've taken all I can       This is where it's gotta end
        G               A    n.c.      D  Bm  A  D
Cause I can't be your friend anymore
D                   G         A                   D  
Then I can't be ac-cused  Of not being there for you
D                         G              A
How many nights have you shown up at my door 
               D       G              A            Bm  
I hope you understand     That this wasn't in my plans
      G               A             D D A A
But I can't be your friend anymore

           D               G
And it's killing me to know you
          D                 G
Without having a chance to hold you
     Em                G
And all I wanna do is show you
     (walk E F# B D)   when you get to the D note just strum the A chord
How I really feel A 
         Bm                 F#m
You can run to me You can laugh at me
           Em         F#        G
Or you can walk right out that door
      Em              A             D
But I can't be your friend anymore

(lead chords - D - G - A - Bm - Em7 - A - D)

D                  D       G           A           D     
  So baby now it's up to you     do I win or do I lose
          D                G             A  
Will my heart fly Or lie broken on the floor
             D       G        A                Bm         
Well take me as I am    Cause I wanna be your man
       G              A          D        
But I can't be your friend any-more

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