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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Date: July 16, 2003   
Written by: 

    I CAN'T TAKE YOU ANYWHERE    Scotty Emerick with Toby Keith
INTRO  F Dm Bb C  F Dm Bb C       
               F                  Dm 
You've been a part of my life for so very long
      Bb                                    C
It's hard for me to believe sometimes that you're really gone
              F                   Dm        
I tuck your memory away in that special hiding place
       Bb                         C 
Hoping no one could tell by the look on my face
              Bb                      C           Bb               C
That you're still in my heart always on my mind  Part of my every-day
       F                    Dm 
Like just last night I went out for a bite
    Bb                    C
I tried to have fun with all of my might
                  F             Dm
But even the laughter it wasn't much of a break
       Bb                          C        
Cause right in the middle of my strawberry shake
       Bb                    C
Bobby Joe walked in with a couple of friends
              Bb                                       C           
And said Hey have you heard from her at all man like where's she been
         F                   Dm   
And it struck a nerve And it hit a vein
You'd think from all the tears I cried 
And this broken hearted pain
I wouldn't have to carry you around with me
        Dm                     Bb 
But it seems like everywhere I go
      C                               Bb         
Some-body wants to know where you've been
           C                 C                        F     Dm Bb C
Are you comin back again I swear I can't take you anywhere

   F                      Dm   
So I left all alone just headed back home
       Bb                      C   
As I listened to the messages on my telephone
           F                      Dm
There was one from my sister And one from an old friend
         Bb                                      C 
He said "I drove by your house tonight dude but You weren't in
       Bb                       C 
Just checkin' up on you boy I hope you're doin' alright
Bb                        C
Oh by the way man I seen her last night

to chorus, to ending

ENDING: Play the intro to the end (F Dm Bb C)
Oh baby I swear I can't take you anywhere
I swear I can't take you Just can't take you
No no no no no I can't take you anywhere 
"baby" "oooo"  "oh how long"