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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Date: May 29, 2003   
Written by:
Note: n.c.means play no chord


B=224442  F#=244442 : How it's played on the recording
Keep your strum mostly to the 5 4 3rd strings.
For B just barre with your index finger the whole 2nd fret.
now using only your ring finger hold the three 4's
When going for F# just move that ring finger so it's holding
all four 4's  
Intro note and chords  
     B  F#  B 

B                       F#                                       B
When I walk out on our war The last shot fired is the slamming door
                            E                        B   
And I can't take it anymore   and just take a drive
           B                 F#                                 B
When the words that I just spoke were aimed straight for your throat
                                   E                         B 
When I should hold you but I don't   and just turn out the light

(B)              B       F#                                   B   
It doesn't mean I'm done     It doesn't mean I've given up on us
                 B                     G                          G#m      
It doesn't mean our love doesn't mean    everything cause it does
(G#m)                     F#
It doesn't mean I'm gone 
F#                   B            E          
Even when I do the things that I hate that I do
n.c.                      B       B  Em B Em
It doesn't mean I don't love 1.) you           2.) to ending

B                                       F# 
When the words you need don't cross my lips
When I forget to give goodbye kiss
          B         E                                  B          
When you feel like last on my list for the hundredth time
When I'm out late with all my friends 
Lose track of time and don't check in
                                    E                    B
Or when I'm wrong and I know I am      and don't apolo-gize

G#                                  F#                    E   
You more than you'll ever know more    than I let it show
          E         F#              Bb
Me being me can be hard on us both-oth

lead B F# B E 
G#m                       F#
It doesn't mean I'm gone 
                     B             E    
Even when I do the things that I hate that I do
E                         B                        
It doesn't mean I don't love you
E                         B             E
It doesn't mean I don't love you-ou-ou-who
n.c.                  B
Cause baby I love you