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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Date:  January 7, 2006
Written by: 
Note: n.c. means play no chord
       IF SOMETHING SHOULD HAPPEN       Darryl Worley

Intro chords  C#m A  C#m A A E   listen to recording for timing

(E)                    G#m
   Buddy you and me go way back
        A                  E                  B7
Camp Lejeune, all through high school and be-fore that
B7                                E
So I don't mind telling you I'm scared to death
B7                                    E  
The doctor is going in on the twenty-fifth
It's the same thing my daddy had
                 A            B7 
Thank God they caught it fast
n.c.                      E
But if something should happen
Stop in some time and say hello to Catherine
E                                       B7    A
You and Marianne could always keep her laugh-ing
A                                B7
cause she's gonna need a lot of that
B7                  E 
Take her out to a movie
It's gonna take some time before shes back on her feet
E                                                  B7  A  
I know you think that I'll be fine and I'm talkin craz-y
A                         B7                    A        
But there's always that chance That's why I'm askin

LICK        B7
                      C#m   A  E
If something should happen
E                        G#m
Little Nathan is growing up so fast
       A                 E
This November he'll turn 10
He wants to play quarterback.
B7                          E            lick 1 (see bottom)
I'm supposed to coach his team this fall
B7                     E
But I may not get to afterall
            B               C#m          lick 2 (see bottom)
He's gonna need someone to catch a pass
        A             B7
And to throw it back
If something should happen
Oh promise me you'll take that boy out camping
E                                    B7      A
Throw a line out in the water every now and then
 A                           B7
Answer any questions that he has
Maybe once he gets older
You can sit and have that first cold beer together
E                                     B7  A
And tell him a couple stories on his fath-er
A                                B7 
He's always known your my best friend
That's why I'm askin
LICK        B7
                      A6    (A6=xx2222)  x=don'tplay                 
If something should happen
B                       C#m  
I hope I live until I'm eighty
B                            C#m                B 
And I get to see my son get married And have babies
              A            E              A
And make a million more memories with my wife.
Yeah buddy I pray you're right But if it's my time to leave
B7                                 B 
Could you watch over them for me?
C#m A                        C#m   A  C#m A
       If something should happen

(The following ending is vamping on E and A, chords are placed approximately
listen to recording for exact timing :])

                      E     A          E                    A       
If something should happen      mmh mmh mmh mmh mmh mmh mmh
                      E     A           E           A           
If somthing should happen      mmh mmh mmh mmh mmh mmh mmh
E  A                      E   A    E  A  E  A  E  A  E  A
      If somthing should hap-pen

listen to recording for timing