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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Date: September 10, 2003   
Album:  From the 1983 movie Tender Mercies
Written by:  Lefty Frizzell
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n.c. means play no chord

      IT HURTS TO FACE REALITY          Robert Duvall

Bb9 = x1x111   x means muted string so no sound (jazz chord form)


           Bb               Bb9    Eb                
See that cloud there in the sky  Slowly drifting by
                 Bb                        F
Well that's the way she's a-drifting from me
         Bb      Bb9           Eb     
Though I lie to myself  But I know there's someone else
             Bb               F         Bb    
Although it hurts so much to face reali-ty
          Bb           Bb9
A little child  boy or girl
Will dream at night In their own dream world
             Bb                               F
and as they dream they pretend that they be-lieve
              Bb                  Bb9
Well I'm no child but times it's true
I pre-tend that I'm not losing you
            Bb                F        Bb 
Because it hurts so much to face reali-ty
  Eb                                    Bb
Sometimes, some things are hard-ard to face
With me It's reality
  F     n.c.
Knowing someone will take my place
        Bb        Bb9  Eb   
I'll go on loving you Blue eternity
              Bb               F        Bb 
Although it hurts so much to face reali-ty