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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Date: September 17, 2002   
Album: Pain To Kill
Written by:

             I JUST WANNA BE MAD   Terri Clark
Intro chords:  Bb E F  Bb E F

Last night we went to bed not talkin'Cause we'd already said too much
Gm                                      Bb                             Eb Bb    
I faced the wall you faced the window Bound and determined not to touch
We've been married seven years now Some days it feels like twenty-one
Gm                                  Bb                   D#  
I'm still mad at you this morning Coffee's ready if you want some
F                           D#      
I've been up since five, thinking 'bout me and you
F                         D#              F 
And I've gotta tell you, the conclusion I've come to

I'll never leave I'll never stray
My love for you will never change
Gm                        D#               F
But I ain't ready to make up, we'll get around to that
Bb                                 F
I think I'm right, I think you're wrong
F                             Bb
I'll probably give in before long
Please don't make me smile
D#               F         Bb
I just wanna be mad for a while

For now you might as well forget it Don't run your fingers through my hair
Gm                                   Bb                         D#
Yeah that's right I'm being stubborn No I don't wanna go back upstairs
F                           Cm7  
I'm gonna leave for work, without a goodbye kiss
F                        D#             F  
But as I'm drivin' off, just remember this

To chorus,to ending

D#            F            Bb
I just wanna be mad for a while
D#            F            Bb
I just wanna be mad for a while
D#            F            Bb
I just wanna be mad for a while