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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Date: November 20, 2002   
Album: If That Ain't Country
Written by: Anthony Smith - Chris Wallin
Note: Tommy Shane Steiner also recorded this tune but his title is
The Mind Of John J. Blanchard.

          JOHN J. BLANCHARD    Anthony Smith

Intro chords: E A  E A  E A  E A (more time spent on A then E)

             E              A
He had a stroke in ninety-five
                 E              A                      E A E A 
They thought it best that he reside In a nursing home
              E                 A 
His family vowed they'd never leave him
       E                A                     E      A E A E           
Last time they came to see him   was three years ago
               E             A
He spent his whole life providing
           E        A                 E A E A    
Now he's down to relying on Medicade
             E            A            
The nurses took a liking to him
                  E                 A                  E  A 
They'd get his wheel chair out and push him On sunny days
              B                          D
He couldn't walk he couldn't speak Seem so far out of reach
             A                                B 
But in his mind as far as they knew he could be

 E    A               E                   A  
Fly fishin'  Working on that fire bird engine
        E             A                 E           A  
Running 99 proof moonshine cross that county line
             E        A
Three, two, one and ignition
         E                   A  
Off on some space shuttle mission
         E           A
Playing QB for the Cowboys
         E            A                B
Getting high on the crowd noise and bright lights
              D                                  B   
1.) Deep    inside things were rockin'   in the mind of
2.) All this time things were rockin'    in the mind of
           E     A  E A
John J Blanchard

        E         A  
One afternoon In june
         E              A                 E           A E A    
A nurse saw his finger move 'bout had a heart attack
        E                 A
Went screamin' down the hall
              E           A                       E    A 
Hey, It's a miracle y'all    I think he's comin' back
       B                                D        
The doctors all rushed in Said do you know what year this is
            A                                     B
How many fingers am I holdin' And what've you've been

To chorus using 2.), to ending
            E               A  
He had a stroke in ninety-five
                  E              A                     E A Ab E
They thought it best that he reside In a nursing home
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