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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Date: May 29, 2003
Written by:
               LONG BLACK TRAIN   Allison Moorer

Intro (8)hammer on quickly (4x)

I've been walking these mean streets
          Bb               F
Hard con-crete beneath my feet
        F                               C
Ain't found a friendly face among the crowd
The city's like a Christmas tree
              Bb              F 
A light for every dreamer's dream
         F               C7          F         
But it seems mine has finally burnt out    
to chorus using 1.)

F           Eb            Bb 
Long Black Train take me home
           F                               C 
I've worn out my welcome here it's time to go
F                                   Bb               F
I have to face the music this just ain't where I be-long
    F           Eb             F   
1.)Long Black Train take me home     to 2nd verse
    F          Eb            Bb     F          C            F
2.)Long black train take me home  Long black train take me home

I should've known I was mistaken
          bB                 F 
When I thought that I'd be makin
 F                       C
Made for myself in baby-lon
Though I tried to do my best
               Bb               F                                  
The suits and ties are not im-pressed
                 F         C7               F         
So with what's left of my pride I'll carry on

to chorus using 1.) to interlude

      C                           F
I'm gonna trade my guitar for a ticket
      Dm                Bb                   C
Then climb aboard and ride you on down the track
   Eb                                F
I know I'm licked but it's hard to admit it
F                               C7
Maybe some day you can bring me back
to chorus using 2.)