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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Date: July 13, 2003   
Written by:

    Travis is doing a song with the same title as Waylon Jennings old tune.
I haven't yet heard the Tritt tune, but I'm guessing it's this same tune.
I found this one on the web, I just reworked it minorly.

Waylon Jennings: 
Lonesome Onry And Mean

         D                            G             D  
	On a greyhound bus,Lord i'm traveling this morning
                        G                           D  
	I'm going to Shreveport and on down to New Orleans
                            G                          D 
	Been driving these highways,been doing things my way
                             C     G            D    
	It's been making me lonesome   on'ry and mean

         D                                  G       D
	Now her hair was jet black,and her name was Codene
                            G                         D
	Thought she was the cream of the Basin Street queens
                 G                        D    
	She got tired of that smokey whine dream
                       C    G            D    
	Began to feel lonesome   on'ry and mean

         D                      G            D   
	We got together,and we cashed in our sweeps
                        G                                  D      
	Gave them to a beggar who was mumbling through the streets
                      G                          D  
	There's no escaping from his snowy white dreams
                      C      G             D     
	Born lookin' lonesome    on'ry and mean

         D                                    G             D  
	Now i'm down in this valley,where the wheels turn so low
                 G                      D
	At dawn i pray,to the Lord of my soul
                  G             D  
	I say do Lord,do right by me
                            C     G            D 
	I'm tired of being lonesome   on'ry and mean
      "Od da la de oooooo"