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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Date: July 17, 2003   
Written by:
Note: This song doesn't really have a chord sequence.  Just pluck strings
that sound good and recite.

        MY BEAUTIFUL AMERICA   Charlie Daniels Band

Have you ever spent the late afternoon 
watching the purple shadows deepen in Arizona desert
Or seen a herd of Elk plough their way 
through waist deep snow on a cold Colorado dome
Did you ever see the sun go down in Hawaii 
or seen the stormy waves break over the rock bound coast of Maine
Or have you ever see an eagle fly up out of the mists of Alaska
Or a big October moon hanging full over the still Dakato badlands
Have you ever tasted the gumbo in New Orleans Bar-B-Que in Carolina
Or the chicken wings in Buffalo
Have you ever had Brunswick stew in Maken, or corn bread in Burmingham
Or briskets slow cook over hill country mesquite wood
Did you ever drink the water from a gurgling branch in Utah
Or stand on the mountain above El Paso Del Norta 
and see the lights twinkling clear over in Mexico
Did you ever jingle horses in the pre dawn stillness of a perfect Texas day
And watch their shodded hooves kicking up sparks on the volcanic rock
Or attended a truck line on a foggy Carolina morning
or heard the distant love song of a love sick whipperwill 
on a prestine Tenneesee late night
Have you seen the faces on Mount Rushmore or stood at the Vietnam monument
Have you ever crossed the mighty Mississippi or been to the daddy of them all
in Cheyenne, Wymoning
Or seen the mighty Volve run out on the football field on a chilly autumn afternoon
Did you ever see the Chicago skyline from Lake Shore Drive at night 
or the New England follage in  the fall or the summer beauty of the Shanandoah valley
or Indiana covered with new snow
Did you ever seen a herd of wild horses running free across the empty spaces in Nevada
or caught a walleyed pike out of a cold Wisconsin stream
Or marveled at the tall ship docked in the harbour at Baltimore
Did you ever see the early morning dew sparkling on the blue grass
or the wind stir the wheat fields on a hot Kanasa afternoon
or driven the lonely stretches of old Route 66
Have you ever heard the church bells peel their call to worship on an early Sunday
in some small town in the deep south
Or pass through the redwood forest just as the sun was going down
Have you ever been to Boise or Batchlee or Boford or Billings
Have you ever pass through Sanford or Suffacer San Angelo
Have you ever seen the falls a Nigara The ice palace in Saint Paul
or the Gateway to the west
This then is America the land God blesses with everything
And no Effel Tower no Taj Mahal no Alps No Andes No native hut nor Royal Palace
can rivaled her awesome beauty her diverse poplulation her monolithic majesty
America the Free America the mighty America the beautiful 
I pleadge alligence to the flag of the United States of American
And to the republic for which it stands One Nation Under God Indivisible
with liberty and justice for all.